Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Fiddelkes marvel at another amazing home-birth experience

by Derrick Vander Waal

SPENCER, IOWA – Jonny and Dallas Fiddelke’s second child was born just as their first in the comfort of their own home in Spencer.

Indie Berlin arrived 12:59 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019, weighing 7 pounds and measuring 21 inches. She is the first home-birth baby of the year for the midwifery team of Promise Community Health Center of Sioux Center, IA  – with certified nurse midwife Belinda Lassen attending the birth.

Jonny and Dallas Fiddelke of Spencer, IA, have
appreciated the home-birth experiences of their
two children with the assistance of certified
nurse midwife Belinda Lassen of Promise
Community Health Center of Sioux Center, IA.
They welcomed their baby, Indie Berlin, into
their family on Thursday, Jan. 10.
As she held her baby in her arms for the first time, Dallas marveled at the amazing experience.

“There is nothing I’ve done in my life that is more rewarding than holding our babies immediately after they are born,” she said. “It’s like floating on air and smiling the whole time.”

Belinda also served as the midwife for the Fiddelkes for the birth of their 2-year-old son, Oz. Dallas said the midwifery care throughout the pregnancy was “outstanding” and “smooth and comfortable.” Their appointments felt like a nice chat with someone they’ve know for years – with Belinda being “engaging, attentive and genuinely there” for them.

During her first pregnancy, Dallas said Belinda suggested that she read a couple of birthing books, “Mindful Birthing” and “Hypnobirthing.” She found those resources to be incredibly helpful in preparing for the big day. They were able to set up their home environment to be quiet, peaceful and completely relaxing. That allowed her to focus on her body, her contractions and, ultimately, her breath to allow her to have a peaceful and successful delivery.

Even though the labor was long with her first child, Dallas found it to be the “most incredible experience.”

Oz Fiddelke, 2, is excited to have a younger sister.
Indie Berlin was born on Thursday, Jan. 10, and is
the first home-birth baby of the year for Promise
Community Health Center's midwifery team.

“When Oz was born, it was euphoric,” she said, noting that the experience was everything she had hoped for after all of the focusing, preparing and laboring. “I knew that we wanted to do the same thing for our second baby. We are allowed ample time to labor and ample time to bond in the comfort of our own home with a quiet, peaceful and safe environment. For me, it was the perfect scenario for bringing another healthy, happy baby into this world.”

Indie was born three days after her original due date, but the family wasn’t surprised because their son was born seven days later.

This time, however, the birth experience turned out to be shorter and easier. In fact, Dallas could hardly believe it was over when Indie arrived in the birthing pool.

“She came so beautifully,” Dallas said. “It was amazing. I was holding her almost immediately, and I told my husband, ‘Is it over? I can’t believe she’s here. That was amazing!’”

As for now, the Fiddelkes find Indie to most look like her brother when he was little.

And he absolutely loves being a big brother.

“Oz is beyond excited about his new baby sister,” Dallas said. “He is a gentle and kind-hearted little boy who just wants to kiss her randomly throughout the day. He has adjusted beautifully to having a sibling.”

Indie’s grandparents are Bill and Lynnette Cook of Milford, IA, and Randy and Barb Fiddelke of Manchester, IA.

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Dallas Fiddelke said she’s not really sure why they chose Indie as their second baby’s name, other than they like unique names that are easy to pronounce and spell. “Indie sounded free and strong and was both easy to pronounce and spell,” she said. “It also was a beautiful gender neutral name, which worked for our family because we don’t like knowing the gender before our baby is born.”