Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Delta Dental awards Promise $25,000 to study dental expansion

SIOUX CENTER – Promise Community Health Center has been awarded a $25,000 grant from the Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation to study potential expansion of its dental services and ways to maximize efficiency of its current space.

Significant growth in the health center’s dental program over the past two years has prompted the need for the study. With the program exceeding capacity, patients have experienced increasing wait times for appointments for services ranging from hygiene care to significant procedures.

Promise Community Health Center's dental program
has exceeded capacity due to strong growth in recent
years. Thanks to a $25,000 Delta Dental of Iowa grant,
the health center will study potential expansion needs
in facilities and staffing and ways it can increase
operational efficiency in its current dental space.
Thanks to the grant, Promise will use the consulting services of the Capital Link office in Cottleville, MO, to determine the best steps forward.

“The grant is a great opportunity for Promise to continue to build and expand on our current dental program,” said Amy Kleinhesselink, co-chief executive officer and chief financial officer of Promise. “The study will help Promise assess where we are with the dental program and determine a strategic plan so we can ensure we continue to meet and provide for the needs of our patients.”

For the study, a project planning committee from Promise will collaborate with a Capital Link operations and facilities planner who will offer both onsite and remote technical assistance. The current state of the dental services and facilities will be assessed, recommendations for increased efficiencies of operations will be developed, and future plans will be drafted to address operational, staffing and space requirements.

The target completion date for the study is October 2019.

“This will help us assess if we are at that point where we need to look at expanding our exam rooms and/or hiring additional dental staff,” Kleinhesselink said.

The grant also will fund the purchase of two dental hand tools to improve efficiency in patient care by the dentist and hygienist and will provide resources for two representatives of Promise to attend the National Network for Oral Health Access annual conference next October.

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